Our 13th Annual Summer Partnering Intensive provides an in-depth exploration into partnering, improvisation, and the Company's creative process. We will dive into weight, space, gravity, and momentum as tools to fly. We will push boundaries, test extremes, and enjoy falling, in pursuit of finding a rich language and meaningful journey. –Tiffany Mills

Partnering Lab
June 4–8, 10:00am–12:15pm

We begin by bringing attention to our internal environment, working primarily with imagery and breath. From here we focus on tools to access weight, space, gravity, and momentum. We hone and sensitize ourselves to various qualities and states by bringing awareness to the layers of our body (skin, bone, muscle, organs, etc). Special attention is directed to our senses, heightening all five, to become better at listening and dialoguing through movement. We demystify partnering by looking at the structural basics in the roles of basing and flying. Our progression into weight-bearing duets includes delving further into anatomical structures, destabilizing movement habits and assumptions, while recognizing and nurturing different personalities and individual predispositions. We encourage risk-taking and welcome unfamiliarity. Class culminates with physically robust partnering improvisations where students can draw upon their experiences throughout the class. We actively straddle the line between conscious, intellectual engagement, and abandonment, making space for movement and interactions that surprise and resonate.  

Group Forms
June 4–8, 12:45pm–3:00pm

This class builds on the skills cultivated in our Partnering Lab, delving further into group-driven improvisation. As we build familiarity and trust within the class, our physical possibilities expand, allowing for a deeper exploration of sight, touch, weight, and momentum. Improvisational structures (trios, quartets, quintets, etc.) are substantial, layered and invite complex problem solving. Students are encouraged to make decisions and bold choices that arise spontaneously from an active understanding of self, an energetic and tactile awareness of others, and a compositional mindset. Company repertory (both set and scored) will also be used as a springboard to continue digging into the nature of working fearlessly in groups, making honest and truthful decisions, and inhabiting both the foreground and background of spontaneous composition. As class grows to full-group improvisational scores, we will balance our individual desires with the needs of the group, and we listen intently in order to move with clarity, confidence, abandon, and risk.  

Company Showing (June 4): 12‐1pm
Participant Showing with Community Participation (June 8): 12‐1pm
RSVP: info@tiffanymillscompany.org

The Participant Showing is all-inclusive. The community will be invited to participate in a simple score to warm-up. Intensive participants will share a series of scored improvisations drawn from explorations in class. A dialogue will follow. Free and open to the public.