"I have been challenged, embattled and brought to the brink of creativity and exhaustion, but I would do it over again in a heartbeat...I am humbled and very privileged to have been embraced by your fold of warm and talented artists."

"I'm so grateful for getting the chance to explore under your guidance! To be able to learn and play alongside such intelligent and kind individuals was such a treat. Looking forward to joining in the fun again in the future. Thank you!"

"Thank you again for the incredibly meaningful and educational intensive with you and your company. I learned a ton about partnering, but I learned even more about myself -- both as a person and a dancer."

"Not only did Tiffany Mills bring an awareness to the fundamentals of movement but she shined a light on the human condition through collaborative exploration in such a subtle and beautiful way!"



Summer Intensive Design: Gary Trethaway. Photos (C) 2014: Julie Lemberger.