Tiffany Mills Company has been commissioned to create new work for film, music, music video, and dance (professional companies, presenters, colleges and universities). These commissions have provided further opportunities to collaborate across mediums and continue to build new artistic relationships, while expanding the creative process. Following are select commission highlights.

Angier Performance Works
“As the air moves back from you” 

PREMIERE Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Alfred University (2015)

LENGTH 20 minutes

COLLABORATORS Chase Angier (Director), Luftwerk (Multi Media Work), Andrew Deutsch (Sound Design), Marketa Fantova (Costumes)

DANCERS Kevin Ho, Kyle Marshall, Tiffany Mills, Emily Pope, Mei Yamanaka

10 Hairy Legs
“It Only Happens Once…Yesterday and Tomorrow” 


LENGTH 18 minutes

COLLABORATORS Mary Kokie McNaugher (Costumes), Joe Monteleone “DJoeflow” (Sound Mixing), Amanda Ringger (Lighting)

DANCERS Alex Biegelson, Tony Bordonaro, Tyner Dumortier, Kyle Marshall, Nick Sciscione

Ben Kreader
“Down the Line” 

PREMIERE Los Angeles, CA (2013)

LENGTH 3.5 minutes

COLLABORATORS Ben Kreader (Musician, Composer)

DANCERS Jeffrey Duval, Kevin Ho

Nowhere to Go But Up (a.k.a. Happy End) (Film)

PREMIERE Paris, France (2003)

LENGTH 20 minutes (in various scenes)

COLLABORATORS Amos Kollek (Film Director)

DANCERS Catherine Curtin (Actor), Audrey Tautou (Actor), Jennifer Tilly (Actor)