After the Feast

After the Feast is an evening-length work which imagines an urban dystopia caused by vanishing resources. Mills’ highly physical movement and daring partnering propel the performers further into this dire situation – the next phase of human existence. In the work, collaborators ask: Can a community emerge from an urban wasteland? What will remain after the final feast?

A fearful look at the destruction of the environment.
New York Times

PREMIERE LaMaMa (2016)

LENGTH 55 minutes

COLLABORATORS Kay Cummings (Dramaturge), Chris Hudacs (Lighting Design), Mary Kokie-McNaugher (Costumes), Jonathan Melville Pratt (Composer), Dennis O’Leary-Gully (Visual Design)

DANCERS Kyle Marshall, Tiffany Mills, Jordan Morley, Kenneth Olguin, Emily Pope, Mei Yamanaka, plus Kevin Ho (original cast)

[The dancers give] all-in performances, deeply committed to the striking physical volatility and human intimacy of the work.”