Berries and Bulls

In Berries and Bulls, four people vibrating on different frequencies try to connect. They misread signals; push touching to extremes; and taunt each other into playing physically risky games. The stakes are high for these relationships to fail. But, by tipping reality on its side — with a few personal and fantastical stories — the performers find an entry point for communicating and questioning: How much can we rely on others? How will we endure together over time?

There is quite a bit of humor and beautiful chaos in Berries and Bulls.” “…the caring and struggling to heal and love are real and clear.

PREMIERE BAM Fisher (2013)

LENGTH 60 minutes

COLLABORATORS Kay Cummings (Advisor), Peter Petralia (Dramaturge)

DANCERS Dancers Jeffrey Duval, Kevin Ho, Emily Pope, and Petra van Noort

ADDITIONAL DANCERS (Chorus) Einy Am, Lucie Baker, Ching-I Chang, John Hoobyar, Elise Knudson, Nikolas Owens, Hannah Seidel, Kensaku Shinohara, Simon Thomas-Train, Mei Yamanaka

…the movement is big, hot, and fierce…”
“[The dancers’] truthfulness and lack of affectation can be extremely moving.”
—Dance Beat