With choreography and direction by Tiffany Mills; video by award-winning Cuban-born filmmaker Ela Troyano; and music by internationally acclaimed Japanese composer Ikue Mori, these three diverse female artists blend their individual media and backgrounds, live and improvised in performance. Mills, Mori and Troyano chart a journey of six dancers in three consecutive duets. The artists draw inspiration for these duets from the vast power and emotional resonance of a storm as it explodes upon the multitudes: accumulation, landfall, breach.

LandFall holds the eye…continuing the evening’s contact improvisation aesthetic but deepening it with unstated, moody emotions.”
—New York Times

PREMIERE Joyce SoHo (2007)

LENGTH 60 minutes

COLLABORATORS Ikue Mori (Composer), Ela Troyano (Filmmaker)

DANCERS Jeffrey Duval, Luke Gutgsell, Laura Hymers, Tiffany Mills, Brandin Steffensen, Petra van Noort, plus Matsuhide Nakashima (original cast)