Tomorrow’s Legs

Tomorrow’s Legs

Tomorrow’s Legs is made up of stories inspired by our memories, however true or false. Mixing words and movement to excavate the past we remember a father’s surprising retort, a missing dog, River, and a forever-lost brother. These memories are triggered by a freshly squeezed orange, a tiny relic in the attic, and seven stitches above the eye. We intersect our collective past by traveling from Quito, Ecuador to Hamburg, Germany. Vicious partnering, delicate gestures, straight-up storytelling and a touch of foolery combine as we dig into the crevices of our mind. Memory, with all its richness and failings, will be our connective tissue.

Mills’s flashy visual style and rough-hewn movement attack make an irresistible mix.This woman doesn’t just use space. She takes charge of it.

PREMIERE Danspace Project (2009)

LENGTH 70 minutes

COLLABORATORS Kay Cummings (Editing Advisor), Chris Hudacs (Costumes), Naoko Nagata (Lighting), Peter Petralia (Dramaturge)

DANCERS Dancers Jeffrey Duval, Luke Gutgsell, Whitney Tucker, Petra van Noort